Clay masks to fight skin climate damages

 Dry Powder

We use a mix of clay specifically targeting different types of skin problems

Mix with your preferred liquid, distilled water, aloe vera juice, honey or glycerin.

Comes with a wooden spoon 6 oz.

Bentonite for acne, dries out skin, removes toxins.

Rose clay for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Kaolin clay for over sensitive skin, detox fights acne,

French Clay's for mature skin, absorbs oils, tighter pores, boosts circulation reduces inflammation and evens skin tone.

Rhassoul clay calms and hydrates skin, detox, eliminate blackheads.

Clay Masks

SKU: 029
  • French clays.

    Brazillian clays.

    Rhassoul clay.

    Activated Charcoal.

    Bentonite clay.

    Kaolin clay.

    Coconut milk powder, rose petals powder, tumeric, matcha powder,botanical extracts. 




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