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Whatever the holiday or the ocasion pamper your lips with this wonderful collection.

Moringa Butter is reputed to have rejuvenating and radiance-enhancing effects on the skin and the hair. 

Moringa Butter reduces the look of fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, enlarged pores, black heads, and blemishes while helping to promote the look of skin that is firm, resilient, cleansed, and glowing.


MORINGA BUTTER'S nourishing property helps to support the health of skin that is distressed with signs of aging, abrasions, flaking, tenderness, and itchiness and delivers rich, velvety-soft moisture and exfoliation to the skin.


CALENDULA BUTTER benefits include softening and moisturizing for dry skin and delicate skin even those of babies and young children,calming, regenerating, antioxidant, very popular for treating abrasions, cuts, cracks, crevices, razor burn, sunburn.
Cleanser, antibacterial and healing


COCOA BUTTER, a rich fat derived from the same beans as chocolate, helps alleviate dry ,cracked lips. The emollient properties of cocoa butter act as a protective barrier by supplying and retaining moisture in the lips and skin. Cocoa butter also contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which can help slow the signs of aging.

Holidays Trio Lip Balms

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  • Cera Alba Beeswax:  Contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture, making it a great ingredient for dry, chapped lips. Protects lips from UV rays – Much like how sunblock protects your skin, beeswax can protect your lips from harmful UV rays. Protective – Beeswax contains antibacterial elements that are great for protecting sensitive skin.

    Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter : The emollient properties of cocoa butter act as a protective barrier by supplying and retaining moisture in the lips and skin. 

    Moringa Oil/Hydrogenated Moringa Oil Esters: It is capable of moisturising the sensitive skin of the lips and make them retain their softness.

    Calendula officinalis Calendula oil Butter: Cleanser, antibacterial and healing .

    Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil: This cosmetic ingredient will be perfect for moisturizing and nurturing your lips.

    Cosmetic Micas. Flavor Oils.

  • Trio collection of Lip Balms.

    Natural cold-pressed oils and premium organic essentials as key ingredients, including cold-pressed and mechanically extracted nut/seed oils .

    This cruelty-free lip balms packs a hydrating-punch with apricot Kernel oil and Cocoa butter, to soothe inflamed and irritated skin. It's also free of parabens, artificial preservatives, and synthetic chemicals, making it a safe bet for almost any skin.