Lip balms in recyclable tubes. Eco friendly.

More than just treating chapped lips, lip balms can protect the lips from damage. This is especially important in extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures, very dry and very sunny climates. Though lip balms are very popular during the winter months, they should be used year around to provide protection to the lips which can be damaged from a number of environmental factors.


 Applying lip balm before bed will keep your lips nice and moisturized while they are flushing out toxins and the new skin cells being produced will be protected!

Lip Balm Vegan Strawberry, Coffee, Papaya

SKU: 026
  • With plant based wax (candelilla), cocoa butter, Pumpkin seed butter, and avocado oil. Mica for color and strawberry, Coffee, Papaya flavor oil.




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