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Natural Cosmetics

Meet The nature in us 

The Nature In Us was born of a desire to have natural and vegan ingredients in our body and facial skin care products. Also of the need to reduce the plastic imprint on our planet.

Here comes the hand made , curated soap to replace the tones of plastic in all those manufactured bottles. 

This little bar of artisan soap has been made for literally thousands of years. If anything proves to have been done right from the beginning of times it is the soap.

And I think soap should be as luxurious , essential and fabulous as any Skincare products.  We deserve it . Our body and our senses should be pampered ,lavished and extravagantly spoiled .

Every product is thought out and homemade, right down to the packaging.

I am passionate about making products that are as natural and sustainable as possible. The products range from bar soaps and body butters to shampoo bars, lip balms, using mostly vegan ingredients , natural  essential oils and butters every step of the way. Our products labelled as completely “natural” are those in which I only use oils, butters, and essential oils for scents, with no artificial fragrance and with natural colorants.

Cruelty Free, Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Products.

Thank you.


Holistic Facials Diploma

Accredited Aromatherapy for All Diploma

Accredited Aromatherapy for Health and Wellbeing Diploma

All Natural Beauty Products with Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diploma

Organic Chemistry Course Sidekick

Complete Meditation, Mindfulness and Mind Training Diploma

Organic Chemistry-Bonding and Molecular Structure Diploma